Mother Toddler and baby creative dance and movement class Cambridge Cambridgeshire

Encouraging Creativity, Imagination and Confidence with lots & lots of fun !!

Mother Toddler and baby creative dance and movement class Cambridge Cambridgeshire

nurturing your childs creativity
and imagination..

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Sunny Steps Dance & Movement Classes

Sunny Steps is a dance and movement class suitable for boys and girls (approx 2- 4 years old). 
I provide a very imaginative dance and movement class and by working in such a way, 
can help nurture your child’s creativity, improve their co- ordination and boost their confidence.

It is a parent / carer and toddler class, so adult participation is encouraged. This is especially 
important at first while your child is settling into the class structure and also getting to know me. It also gives parents / carers the opportunity to have some fun and have a mini workout themselves.

It improves their co- ordination, while boosting their confidence and encourages them to work within a safe group environment. The children also learn about spatial awareness and how to create different qualities of movement, to different types of music and sounds.

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Sunny Steps is a fantastic class to experience dance and movement for the first time. It also provides a great environment to introduce social interaction in groups. Please come along and see for yourself.  Once your child feels able to take part unaided, parents can sit and watch at the side of the room.

First and foremost, Sunny Steps is designed to be fun   
 fun for the children and fun for their parents/ carers.

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All the Sunny Steps classes are run on a
drop in basis, so there is no need to book.

The cost is £6 per child and £5 for siblings.


Call now on: 01954 267378